You look radiant in radiant orchid, or lilac! I really like what the grey scarf adds to the first outfit, and I love the jacket in that outfit. Great boots in 3, 4, and 5. Taupe and lilac (orchid) work so well together, don't they? Since you wear orchid so well, it makes sense that you would add some taupe accessories. Now that you're feeling better, you can shop for taupe items.

You are brilliant with what colors work for you Suz :). #1 is my absolute favorite but you couldn't go wrong with any of those really!

Wow Suz, Angie would be proud. You really recreated her ensembles in style. I love them all. I'm glad you're starting to feel better.

These are incredible outfits, Suz. You look so gorgeous in all of them. My favorite is 4/5, probably because it is seems so different for you, and that beautiful scarf just draws me in.

You and I must have similar coloring, Suz; when I read Angie's post, I thought, should I mention that taupe is a natural stand-in for toffee for cool-season types? But your first picture is worth a thousand words--that outfit really hits it out of the park. Thanks for a perfect demonstration with that beautiful leather jacket and really interesting back-laced boots, and thanks for the reminder that smaller, softer leather jackets can be worn under Winter coats! I will be doing that with the jackets that got so little chance to shine during our truncated Autumn.