Thanks, Chris. I hope you keep the one form H&M.

Love the Ann Taylor jacket and it comes in a petite. Are you going to try that one?

Late to the discussion here, but I would add that for me to spend $268 on a jacket, I'd have to know that it would be classic enough to be worn for years (at least 5) without being dated. I'd also have to be confident that I wouldn't get tired of it in that time. I know everyone's budget is different, so that's just my 2 cents.

To Becky’s point, I’d also want to be sure that a bit of rain wouldn’t ruin it at that price.

I tried on the Ann Taylor one a few days ago. I duplicated the find below. In the photo I'm wearing a PL. I think AT sizing is a little small so I'd try a PXL too if I were going to buy it. It's a lovely jacket, with a much simpler style than the other ones, less hardware, definitely more of an office-wear vibe. The fabric is very crisp, with no stretch, and is similar to the classic oxford fabric used in men’s shirts, where the fibers in one direction are dyed and the others are white. Could be prone to wrinkles, since it's mostly cotton. It has white trim along the zipper and the inside partial lining has white piping, all which give a very summery feel. of June 7 at 7:45am EST it is 40% off on sale (in the US anyway)!

Final decision: I'm keeping the H&M one and will be removing the belt. I might get inspired to do it this weekend which means I just might wear it once or twice before it gets too warm to wear something like this. The lack of stretch in the AT one made me realize how great it is to have a bit of stretch in a fitted garment like this, and the H&M fits that bill. I also reviewed the construction and fabric again and it's just fine, in fact may wear better than the CM one which didn't fit in any case. The fact that Angie labeled in a top pick had NO influence on my decision....:-)

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I always enjoy seeing the final decision and the decision process that went into making that final decision. I personally have come to love a little stretch in all my garments so I concur that keeping the H&M one is a good decision. I have to go back and see the comments about removing the belt.

I just chimmed in to say how much I love you paired icy blue jacket (no matters which) with the olive pants! YLF in the combo!:-)

I love that Ann Taylor one on you and the size looks good in the pics, but stretch is really nice in a jacket. I think the H&M one will work great. Now you have me thinking I need a blue moto....

Thanks Sterling, yes do read the comments about the belt, but in a nutshell I find it way too bulky visually and very annoying when worn open which is probably the best way to wear it. I don't like too many dangly things in my outfits, especially not big clunky buckles. I am a pretty good seamstress and the belt will be reasonably easy to remove.

Thanks Lyn67 and you are right about the color combo of light blue and olive, it's one I really love. I think Lisa P wears this combination too...that maybe be where I got the idea. Now if I could just find some more options for tops, sweaters, etc in light blue!

I saw the Ann Taylor jacket in a store and tried it on. It didn’t work for me because I was in between sizes and the lapels wouldn’t stay folded when the jacket was open (which is how I’d wear It). It was very nicely made, however. The canvas fabric was different from anything I have. It does a have a bit if stretch, though...3% spandex.

Good to know about the lack of stretch. I had almost ordered it, but that won’t work for me. Thank you for the review!

Aquamarine is right about the 3% spandex! Sorry I missed that and thanks aquamarine for correcting me. I too noticed that the collar didn’t quite lie flat but perhaps ironing would fix that.

I must have missed Aquamarine’s post! I can still order this.

WOOOHOOO. You look KILLER AMAZING in the H&M jacket. Sooo glad you chose that one, Chris.

Try t Christina f would like be to see another “chris” in a blue moto jacket! My full name is Christine but only my family uses it. and my middle initial is A so my name comes out as Christina on some forms

Thanks Angie your compliments mean SO much to me!

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