I have always been a one bag gal. I will use a bag until something (usually a juice box exploding) forces a change. I'm semi-oblivious to size, color, shape and style. I just like what I like. However, I've actually amassed a small collection for various reasons, including the two recent additions from the auction.

What determines the bag to wear with an outfit, other than practicality? Contrast, matching, size, color, style, pattern, bling? I have absolutely no framework for this. Someone mentioned to me that a certain bag was more formal, and I was all confused. I never really considered a bag part of a "look" - and even though I know better now, I still don't get it.

I'd like to use what I have (though not acquire more!). I know some of you change your handbag daily (head spinning here). What goes into your daily choice of bag?