Hi all Slowly crawling back after two years of fashion abstinence.

I've been going through a phase lately that has pushed me to splurge on lots of wool while getting ready for the mild but desperately long London winter ahead of me, which will last until April, or even May (I do run colder than most).

Basically, last year I got two thin, slim fit wool sweaters from Benetton because they were on sale, and I just got addicted to wearing them: they were a revelation. I had never owned a wool sweater before, probably because my mom is allergic and so it never occurred to her to take me down that road (plus, they tend to be more expensive than what I used to own), and boy weren't those things practical: no armpit smell, no regular washing, no extra chunk around my torso and more warmth. Admittedly, I did ruin the pink one (gorgeous, gorgeous) by putting in the washing machine and not drying it flat, but I've learned from my mistakes. The poor thing has lost it's shape, pills like there's no tomorrow and has a tiny hole that seems to get bigger each time I put it on.

However, my revelation has taken me to a point where I stay away from anything that's not 100% natural: no acrylic, polyester or nylon. Not even if they've been blended with 30% of wool. The problem is, 100% wool is easy to find in plain sweaters (fun coloured or not), but every time I find something a little bit less generic, a bit more fun, there's some acrylic, nylon or polyester involved. It doesn't bother me too much, as I'm a conservative dresser and usually go for simple styles that won't go out of style anyway (even back when I used to get my stuff from Primark I never bought stuff that was very much on trend), but sometimes I do wonder if I'll become bored and then I'll feel the crave to shop again, and that will become a never-ending story.

Question to you: do you find blends to be a good compromise? Are they durable enough? Do they smell after a few wears? Are they just as warm? Should I be a bit less practical and get something cooler?