Anyone want to discuss today’s topic further? I do, because I’m still deciding how to store purses.

I have a small-ish collection of functional bags that serve their purpose well:
3 mini cross bodies—a red one from Target, a vertical black Coach, and a cognac one like this (sadly without the map)
2 medium bags with camera straps, in finds
2 backpacks, in finds.

My current plan is to put a stack of these little cube lockers in the entryway. There is a niche where the smallest size will fit perfectly. They will be for:
Shoe shine & waterproofing
Big bags, like blue ones from Ikea, and maybe a backpack
The rest of the purses
My scarves
My hats, gloves, & mittens
My son’s winter hat, gloves, scarf and similar
My swim workout stuff

I’m a little nervous that the ventilation might not be adequate for the bags. Does anyone keep their bags in closed-off spaces, and have you had any issue with mold? My collection is far less in dollars than what many people here have, but I expect to keep and use them for years and years, with the occasional new strap or similar repair. It might be time to rethink those camera straps.