Leggings over 60:

This is a first post and not YFL approved.


Wow! You guys look great!

Joy! Is that really you?? You look amazing in your leggings & dress. Great print! So glad to finally see gorgeous you!

I put this outfit together after seeing Angie's post and photos on 3/4 leggings a few weeks back. Ever since, I wear it every weekend. I finally got a decent picture of it.


There are two other dress which go well with the leggings, but I have not worn them yet. When I do, I will post the photos.

After5, it might just be my computer, but I can't see your photo.

Thanks for letting me know, Ana. The URL didn't transfer when I copied it from my original post. Here it is again:



Am I out of the loop.
I have not been able to read any posts lately
so I am responding a bit late...like 3 weeks!
Thanks for including me Angie.
Here are three leggings pics.
The first picture is a dream come true.
I am a window shopper of Chanel




Kellee - you look amazing. I wish I could just clone your look. My fav is the third one.

Here are mine that you guys have already seen on the separate challenge post.



I sincerely beg all of you to keep adding your leggings looks to this thread so we can all see them evolve! I'm learning so much by just looking at all of your photos...

I know I'm slow to adopt new things, but here's my first leggings look. I love the comfort and practicality.



Well done, Christine! You just achieved one of your style goals. How easy was that!

My first "killer" from Angie - thank you! You've made my day!

My first try with summer leggings in a new dress. This is really comfortable. How does it look?

Another 50 year old in leggings---:)

HL - I can't believe you're 50! I seriously thought you were 35. Oh and the leggings look great too.

Oh you are so sweet Sihaya--thank you---made my day!

Fabulous, Debbie. You look wonderful :0)

Thanks to April, I have become a fan of leggings!

Here is one ensemble (with a thrifted dress that April and I scored on one of many shopping adventures):

And another that I tried once I got home (excuse the bathroom background) -This is a dress that had become orphaned, but I think it might be back in circulation... what do you think?

Hi Mae! I can see from April's post earlier today that she is already missing her sis!

You've done a wonderful job putting together your leggings outfits. The first dress is absolutely gorgeous! It looks like it has hopped off the wall of an art gallery and on to your body! Beautiful!

I love the second outfit, also. The belt makes it. You have a great shape! I suspect if Angie were here, you would get a Killer x2!

Thnx to Itari, and via April I found this thread - and here comes my leggings look.

Ignore this post - it's a result of my technical incompetence

Yay! You rock. I love the red accessories and your nice hair colour.