Cigarette pants can be very tight, Suz.

Ah! Okay, thanks, Angie. I think my mind went straight to Audrey Hepburn and Laura Petrie with the term "cigarette" pants. A sort of very slim tapered look. (Which I adore, by the way). But which these pants don't really replicate. However, if a cigarette can be tight, these are a cigarette!

And Lisa, the cure for your problem (and Carter's) is to grow a semi-apple belly. Ha! I never thought I would be happy to become more rectangular than I used to be, but it has made fitting clothes remarkably easier.

And now to search for the right chunky necklace.

Um, no thanks . I already have some kind of horrible menopause lower belly thing going on that I can't control.

They both look great Suz. The vest was definitely a happy find at Winners and should be very useful in your work-from-home capsule.
Darn it, I ordered these pants in MY size so most likely they are going back. Oh well, maybe it is for the better as I already have black straight pants and black ponte leggings....but I wish I thought about sizing up before

I've always been Team Leggings, so I'm so happy you finally found your pair. They look great! And the vest is a great combination of oversized but structured, and I can see it working well with your other pants as well.

Great look Suz. Very cozy vest. I also have just accepted that pants fit in the hips and are 2 to 3 inches too big in the waist. Belts are my friend.

Lookin good! I like angies idea about a chunkier necklace - maybe a long pendant? I like long pendants with everything.

Looks great! I LOVE side zip pants. I might have to give these a try. The top looks great too.

I adore these leggings on you, Suz. They fit so well! You're right...the fit is almost like it looks really really good.

Your 'Deborah' look is wonderful! You're rocking the vest+leggings+boots formula!

Suz, you could never insult me ;). So flattered you would be even a tiny bit inspired by me xx

I want that vest!:-)

Total win for you Suz. The pants are great and that vest should be a versatile piece for you. Grey is a great neutral on you.

I have the same fit issues with BR pants. I can size up and they still don't seem to fit me. I gave up a few years ago even though I know others who are hourglass shaped who made them work. It might be a combination of hourglass and wider but flat bum that does me in.

I really like this look on you, Suz.

I shudder at side-zip pants, though. I tried on JCrew's Minnie pants, once, and I almost ran screaming from the store. They transformed my body into something very odd looking and were a terrible fit. Now I am wondering if it was the rise? Maybe the rise is even more important in a side-zip pant? So this makes me think (1) i need to understand rise, and (2) I need to, perhaps, try on another pair of side-zip pants, one day.

Hi Suz. I really like the look of these and they will work great for your style. Do you have any concerns about having to dry clean a garment meant to be worn more casually? The reason I ask is because I tend to wear my casual clothes "harder." As a consequence, I wash them far more often. Sometimes I clean them after a single wearing. I would be going to and from the dry cleaner constantly.

Love the pants and the vest, and love love love them together.

I am a huge Sloan fan, and tried these on a year or two ago, and couldn't get into them either. They felt so small I couldn't bring myself to size up - I felt like I'd need to go up two sizes. I made a comment to them about it when I returned them, and they said Sloan was a fabric, not a fit, which makes no sense at all considering they call it "sloan fit". Sigh.

Oh, and I also used to have the 2-3" gap at my waist. I surrendered it.

Sterling, my solution to the dry cleaning instructions is simply to ignore them. Truly. The ONLY items I dry clean or have professionally cleaned are:

Leather jackets or items with real leather trim.
Wool coats.
Woven wool blazers.

EVERYTHING else in my closet, whatever the tag says, I either wash in the machine or wash by hand. These trousers won't be any exception. I will wash in cold, hang to dry, and iron them. And I'll bet they come out just fine.

Hahaha, on the gap -- Elizabeth -- me, too! Well, truth is, if I wanted to wear these as PANTS vs. LEGGINGS, I could probably have stood to go up another size in these Sloans as well, in which case I would have had "gappage" again.

Suz, if you can remember, can you report back on washing these, when you do? There was a long thread about htis some time ago, and those that washed Sloans seemed to have to go through major contortions with the drying of them. I have several pairs, and if I could not dry clean them, I'd love that. I probably should try with a pair that are "replaceable" but I'm too nervous to risk it.

Okay, Elizabeth -- I'll report back. I won't be wearing them now for a while because it's still too warm here, but once I start, I'll let you know.

I know I've washed my (similar) Theory pants and I used to wash the Gap pants. My experience with both of those was minor apparent shrinkage when first putting them on, but instant easing out to former proportions. I did press them -- I think the steam iron helps ease the fibres a bit, maybe.

I saw that vest at winners too :0)
I think you look smashing in your cigarette pants and vest.

I love the new vest! I'm not a big fan of vests (on me, they look great on others) but yours looks so cozy yet architectural, that even I would be tempted by it.

Oh wow, I love this whole look on you! And I want to fly to Ontario and steal those booties right off your feet.

Absolutely, to the answer the question. Good show, I say!

Great look, Suz. I have to make a return to BR on Friday, so maybe I'll try those pants. Leggings are not pants but sometimes pants can be leggings!