In the Finds below are the jackets I have purchased since NAS in July. I’ve already worn the VB plaid blazer a couple of times (that’s a lot for a blazer for me).
The sporty hooded stretch blazer and the dark brown/black Peruvian Connection long leather jackets have become instant workhorses. And the Alice & Olivia leather trench has become a go-to for dressier outfits (worn out to dinner). Yes, I ended up keeping both because the A&O is dressier and the PC is such an easy go-with-anything piece that doesn’t feel too precious.

The Bernardo jacket with the leopard accent still has tags on. I’ve started to wear it twice and ended up changing into the PC jacket instead. I just seem to be feeling the longer jackets and blazers lately. I like the Bernardo jacket but I’m wondering if I should return it. I’m always reluctant to let go of something as good-looking, well-made, and well-fitting as this jacket, but I don’t want too much stuff in my closet that isn’t getting worn.

Maybe it’s because I already have a bunch of shorter moto style jackets and I’ve kind of burnt myself out on that style over the last 5-10 years? Also I wonder if it’s because I’m a little self-conscious of the extra weight I’m carrying now and prefer to disguise it under a longer jacket? And there is also something I’m feeling at the moment about the cool almost 70s-ish vibe of a longer topper.

Any thoughts? Is anyone else feeling a move away from shorter jackets?