Hi lovely forum friends,

I am in need of a couple of layering tops and would purchase online from the USA to get the colour range. They need to be fitting but ideally not ride up (some length). Ideally I would like three - one black, one pink (of a warm but not too bright) and maybe one in navy or denim blue. Long sleeve, and open on necklines. True essentials.

I want to wear them with either jeans or black pants and over the top of them I will wear a statement sweater, or maybe a leather jacket. Ideally they would be tops that could be worn alone but the intention is that they become workhorses that allow me to wear these new statements, a green leather jacket, my kimono jacket etc...

I have purchased two new sweaters which are fun statements (it is till too warm to wear them yet - we are getting the remnants of Cyclone Debbie here so it is very warm and wet - not like what Australia got though).

I looked at Uniqlo but they are not set up for international shipping. I looked at Nordstrum briefly and also Gap. I have a US postal address that I can use for free shipping to there, and then pay for the postage on to NZ.

I would prefer mostly natural fibres ideally - and something that is nice to wear next to my skin during transition seasons and winter.

Recommendations would be appreciated:)

ETA This is Sally/Kiwigal. For a while I have wanted to change my username because I really don't call myself a girl or a gal, I see myself as a woman. Since there is another Sally (also from NZ) it is easier to be different to her. So in the end I have shortened it to Sal!!