OMG. They look fabulous on you. So fabulous, you take my breath away.

LOVE that jacket and the skirt, especially Suz. So lovely.

Each of these pieces look wonderful on you and fit easily into your wardrobe. I wish I'd at least tried the plaid Kuts. They look so good on you and Sveta and others who bought them. The new skirt and jacket will make a fabulous presentation outfit.

Looks great, Suz!

I have these KUT jeans too, and find that they are surprisingly versatile in the colors that work with them. My wardrobe has some warmer tones as well as the blues and berries that you have -- and everything goes. I also bought the Pleione mixed media tunic that you have in olive, navy and deep purple and they all go with this plaid. Very happy with the fit and feel of the fabric as you are, so comfortable.
I loved these so much I ended up going with two sizes after trying both on. The smaller fitting like skinny jeans, and the size up like straight leg jeans. So yeah, best jeans ever.

LOVE the skirt on you.

Wow Suz - you scored BIG TIME with NAS this year! These three latest pieces are just incredible on you. Well done

Claudia, do you know what? I'm actually tempted to order them in my regular size as well! They're that great! I might just watch to see if they go on sale again and do exactly that. Or order a backup pair.

I can't believe I almost didn't order them at all.

Suz, how could anyone resist after seeing Sveta model her pair?!

I wasn't planning on any NAS shopping, but after seeing Sveta, and then you in that Pleione tunic, these were my only purchases and I am so glad I did.

What a super post to discover after having been so scarce to the forum lately! Who woûld have thought plaid could be so versatile? I'm swooning over that skirt too.

WOW. What a treat. Killer x3. I'm happy you're happy. Rock on, Suz. xo

Love it all!

Y'know, I didn't even see those Kut jeans in the store when I went to NAS. I think they're too high contrast of a pattern to work on my lower half anyway, but I kinda wish I'd tried them. I did go for the dark low-contrast plaid Jolts, which I think may suit my style better. But it's so hard to resist when so many of you look so fab in the Kuts!

I think the KUTs look fantastic on you Suz - I wish I were brave enough to wear plaid pants because these are excellent in color and I do love KUTs, but I think I have to stick with plaid tops for the time being as I'm still having trouble even wearing my "bright" (to me) cream jeans. All of your outfits are great! The jacket is also really nice as is the skirt. Now you'll have to plan some events to wear that skirt!

Three great new items here. The plaid jeans are perfect to lighten up fall looks and it is not easy to find lighter colored bottoms for fall. The midi skirt is fabulous on you and I like how you have styled it here too. Great job on these new additions to your closet.

Love all of your selections. They are fab on you, fit your style and best of all, they make your heart sing!

Nice picks - I'm so glad they all fit and that you love them. The KUTs are fantastic on you, I like them best with the matching tonality of the gray top and sandals. I love how your new jacket's notched lapels show up against your white shirt - so fab!

Wow wow. You look Tony-the-tiger grrreat!

And the thing is, I tried on those plaid Kuts and they were so so soooooooo not me.

Those pants are fantastic on you - they work so well with your hair color and they seem like they would add some really nice styling depth/complexity to your closet. A great find!

I'm so behind on the forum --- busy weeks! But I wanted to pop on and applaud..............clapclapclapclapclap.........Brava!

Love all of these items for you, and the way you've styled them makes them work even better for your form and your lifestyle. I love the striped skirt, particularly with the denim jacket. This would be great for "writer-ish" appearances.

Could you style the pants with a nod to sporty luxe? I'm thinking of them for your fitness role gatherings.

All of these are fantastic! I'm especially impressed by the Halogen skirt though. A midi that looks great even for petities is so hard to find, and I love the way you've styled it. The skirt with denim & leather jacket look is my favorite.

Love love love

hmmm...isn't that beautiful skirt the perfect thing to wear to a reading? Of course, you do run the risk of distracting the audience....

My favorite is the skirt -- you look fabulous in it, and of course, better than the model. It's obviously perfect for a reading.

Suz, did you get the skirt in petite or R?
I wondered if in P one would lose the midi-look edge, or if instead it might be more manageable and "less skirt". I'm always on the lookout for the stitched-down pleats but as noted, the solid black did not work. And still it may not be good for pears--need more rectangle-ish look. The new more muted stripe colorways raise lots of possibilities, though.

unfrumped, I'm 5'4" or so. I got the regular sized, which is what my fit calculator recommended. Actually, I went exactly with my fit calculator and as you see, the fit was perfect.

I think Sveta still considers herself a can see her try on of the skirt in her thread.

It's does not feel like a "lot of skirt" for me....though I understand what you are talking about. I think in my case, my rather wide shoulders balance it out. And I plan to wear for dressier occasions, not work, so the feminine vibe of it will work for that. Date night, readings, parties...that kind of thing.

I do think Sveta also has broad shoulders, despite her saying she is a pear. I would call her more of a slim hourglass these days....

You are also on the slim side of the spectrum. I think in your case it would be a question of whether the waist fits in the right place, no? As in torso length.

All three of your purchases were beyond fab and these jeans are made for you. The moment you put them on, I could see the magic. So happy that skirt and jacket also looked great.

You look so cute - adorable really - in every outfit here! Esp love #5 and #9. Great items, and combinations.

Thanks, Suz. I think that's right--"shoulders" work with it for balance, and also a feminine shoe.

You, Claudia and Sveta are plaid Kut twins! You outdid yourself with these three picks and I so admire all the variations shown here. The Trouvé jacket will certainly be useful dressed up or down. Love the elegance and femininity of the skirt, too. Angie is a great role model.

Are the pants grey or taupe, because I didn't know if your Elie Tahari could work, or that may be too brown.