I like everything on you, it's hard to exclude anything because it all looks good on you.

So I can only answer from the standpoint of what I like better or less. And what I like best is the sarong shorts on you. I'm not sure why I'm not feeling the asymmetrical tee or paint splash top. Of the two, I like the paint splash better but neither of them are wowing me the way the first tent top and sarong shorts are. However, if the tops fit your wardrobe needs then keep them!! And if you like them.

I think I am just repeating what has been said but the first outfit with the navy top and white shorts are perfection on you. I like the sarong shorts too. The other two tops are just not in the same league and not fab enough for you.

OK, before I read the other responses, here's mineā€¦
You're right, that navy top is gorgeous. The top in #3-#5 is pretty but it does look bumpy across your tummy. The paint splattered top is OK, but I'm not loving the colors on you. The sarong shorts look ultra fab on you.

Now I'm off to see what the others said...