Suz, I am *so* glad Angie chimed in. I read all your threads and could see you were getting frustrated -- but contrary to your opinion, I thought a lot of items were incredible on you. I love the VC solid black and the striped top, I love the skirt. Don't worry, you'll be able to wear hose underneath the skirts. Keep the snakeskin handbag. I have one from NAS a couple of years ago and it's always a go-to. I think you are getting overwhelmed, poor thing. Plan to keep most of it, Suz. It's all looking great. Especially these shirts!

Suz, I understand about the shirt's length. I am the same. I have long rise, so shirts must be long enough. I've owned shirts with the length shown here, and tucking was hell.

But they do fit you so well everywhere else.

The striped shirt is fantastic though. I would keep them to wear with skirts or higher waisted dress pants. I think that if your goal is to wear the white one with the BF, then keep looking for another one, as you say, this one doesn't do the job. But do you have to assign this white shirt only to the BF? Don't you have other dressier clothes with which to wear a white shirt?

With you trade, both shirts would come very handy. They are such high quality, they command authority and professionalism. I would definitively not return them, even if you can't match them with what you presently have in your wardrobe. I think you need a capsule that matches these shirts for certain academic occasions.

I was glad to hear Angie's opinion on these shirts too, since I'm in the same boat. Seeing everyone's Nexx and Equipment blouses (which are super long) made me want to hide in the corner in my short shirts!

I would definitely look into exchanging these for a different cut, even if it only adds an inch to the length of the garment. An inch makes all the difference in the world when you're trying to keep something tucked in.

I can't wait to see what Angie comes up with for a bag for you!