Hi everyone!
I bought a new blue metallic lace-up shoes. I can still return them, but I think at this point I will keep them. They are from Hogan and bought from an outlet which sells old seasons for great prices.
The pros:
- VERY comfortable. Unusual for me to feel that the fit and shape are perfect.
- Fun colour - new to me tone of blue, and I love metallic and semi-glossy shoes.
- Bargain price.
- If any - new to me unusual colour (I know, I am a bit contrary :-)), but this particular blue is not represented in my clothing, no bags. Only some scarves and sunglasses. One blouse has this colour in its pattern.
- I am not sure if the shape is dated? Here is where I would need your help. To my eye, they look pretty classic, but since they are statement shoes and a few seasons old - is this some not so current look perhaps? I am not so good at trends in footwear… Sorry if it is a silly question.

Now, about the complement. I have found several scarves that have this colour in their pattern. In particular, my favorite new scarf, named Aloha, has perfect colours for these shoes. The scarf has black as well - I am thinking black trousers or black jeans, the new blue metallic shoes and this scarf. Plus blue sunnies, black blazer and bag. Another option is to wear the shoes with dark navy and some of the other scarves, a navy bag and perhaps the blouse in the picture here. The shoes will also work with whites….

What do you think? Honest feedback, wisdom and styling tips will be much appreciated.

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