Hi all, sorry for being such a forum hog lately, but my transition from skinnies is turning out to be a bit more of a project than expected! I hope this is going to be the end of my jeans musings for a while! Jamming everything into one post so I'm less hoggy TIA!! xx

The most important bit - k/r these straight jeans?
I'm having fun with my new jeans but have been feeling a hole for 'dressy' jeans. Found this pair from Gap (where else for me ha!) to try. They fit well and are slim but clearly don't taper at the ankle. I like the full length for a dressier denim vibe. Showing them witha t-shirt and my wine-colored satin blouse (current 'night out' top). Concerns:

- the wash - I know indigo is trending but I'm old enough to remember scrubbing indigo ink off couches, shoes, shirts, etc. haha. I'm over it. But are these dark enough or do they read too 'neither here nor there'.

- are they different *enough* from my button fly skinnies or my 'stumpy' cropped straights to justify adding them, given that I don't need dressy often? Would I be better off wearing my black patterned pants (finds) for another dressy option vs. denim for now?

I'm really on the fence so fire away! Thanks! x

The State of the Jeans Capsule
Wow, I've got lots of jeans right now! Current collection:

  • baggy high rise 90s jeans (see WIW)
  • slim straight crops - light-medium wash
  • wide crops - ligher wash (worn in spring/summer)
  • skinnies - darkish wash, not getting worn much but still sometimes
  • the stumpy jeans aka straight crops darkish wash
  • girlfriend jeans in black and white (worn in spring/summer)
  • the slim straight k/r ones
Once the 'dressy' option is sorted out, I can't think of a possible need for more jeans any time soon!

And just for fun, my WIW today - loose jeans, loose sweater, loose coat = new-to-me silhouette and an old dog learning new tricks yay!

1-2 - the jeans
3 - with the dressy blouse
4 - skinnies with the blouse for comparison
5-6 - WIW
7 - the stumpy jeans (I know they're not that stumpy, but I think it's funny so now that is their name ha!)

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