@Lyn67, that is one of the nicest compliments I have received. Thank you!
@missvee, thank you! I am hopeless with pant lengths, too.
@Jenni, thank you, and we all have a poison eye for something, no worries! DH likes the flat-fronts much better. But the way our schedules are, he will probably wouldn’t see me in them much anyway, lol.
@Sloper, thank you! And I always love Diane Keaton’s look in Annie Hall.
@Brooklyn, this is super helpful. I had no idea that you are a pear, too. I agree the flat fronts might read a little more casual. I hadn’t thought about curved hemlines and wide legs, but that makes sense. The blue top I’m wearing is actually fairly fitted, at least compared to a lot of my tops. But agree about adding structure.
@Carol, thanks! I’m not entirely sure I could size down in the hip. I certainly could in the waist. But COS is sold out of these, anyway. I think I do like the flat-fronts better and am happy to do a full tuck with them. But I’m not sure how much to hem.

I definitely find the flat fronts more flattering. How do they feel?

I often have an issue with those style of pockets —ones that are set on the side seam of the pants causing a bit of pulling or gaping at the hip, especially after sitting when some fabrics crease and emphasize the issue. I’d test that out to be sure these still fall nicely after going through some normal wear motions. I usually prefer a pocket set further in to avoid that but it can be hard to find. It’s one of the reasons I liked those faux leather joggers I was just posting the other day.

It’s a tough one - for a tucked in top I like the first pair, for an untucked top I like the second pair more. You should keep the pair you feel comfortable wearing. As for the length of the second pair, try with shoes on and maybe keep full length with fabric touching the top of a shoe but not creasing above it.

I love the 2nd pair! They don't look too loose to me and the styling works in all the versions you've shown. Hard to tell about length without shoes.

I have a poison eye for wide leg pants because they make me look like a feather duster, but I actually really like the flat-front pants on you! They really are flattering!

I like the second pair more too. The first pair the pockets grinning through is throwing me off.

The second pair looks incredible on you. The first pair looks too big, maybe?

I like the second and I think tucked looks better but I think you need to emphasise your shoulder line a little more with top choices to balance the volume around the hips (due to the way the trousers are cut).

I like the flat fronts! I think to assess length we would need to see them with footwear. To extend N’s idea, do you have any striped Ts? They might be something that works to extend the shoulder and create an X shape. I don’t think you need to balance the hip necessarily but something to play with.

I quite like the flat front pair, especially with the semi tuck.

I like both! Fashionable! Very on trend. Swish

And here is a third pair to try:

I like the flat-front ones a lot too! I guess it depends on what you are going for? "Figure flattery" or something else, e.g., trendy, edgy, slouchy...? Love the Scotch and Soda pair Angie shared too.

Thanks so much, everyone! I think I am going to keep the COS flat fronts. I am just not as excited to tuck or semi-tuck with the Club Monaco pleats. I think Rachy has a good point about the pleat depth here. The flat-fronts are still “swishy”!
I still might try the Scotch and Soda pants, too because they are wool which might drape better with pleats and would be good for cooler weather. The COS pants are linen but that works as I have a looong linen season!
I’ll post a new thread with pictures with shoes to ask for your advice on hemming.
Thanks again!

I missed this post earlier but have to agree that the second pair looks like it will be easier to make work and look really good on you. I think the more fitted hips give it a bit of structure that the first pair lacked. I struggle with wide legs myself. They just look so sloppy on me but I know I wore them back in the day so maybe my eye will adjust.

Of these 2, I like the flat-front better also.
I don’t think you have to give up on pleats, but in this pair, the cargo pockets are just a no, with pleats. Look for side- seam pockets or no pockets and then in the right pants, you will get the right curvy- swish effect.
I love pleated pants and wear them, but find I need really good drape- a thin tropical wool, some rayon blends, some viscose types.

I agree Unfrumped, I like pleated pants too but they can't be at all stiff or they stand out in all the wrong places!

I'm glad you're keeping the flat fronts. Yummy and elegant on you.