I agree that I love the coat and yellow/navy sweater. I think the red/white is not as striking on you - I like it, but if you are struggling to style it I would leave it.

I would wear it with blue denim and white sneakers (shorts or jeans) or maybe with white wide legged pants (which I don't own) or maybe a navy or white skirt (if the proportions are right).

The navy/yellow is a little more unusual, a great match with the coat, and will work so well with dark denim or mid tone denim.

I think you look especially amazing in the yellow/navy sweater and the yellow coat.

Hope you are keeping the coat and yellow/navy sweater. You look stunning in yellow. I vote pass on the other sweater, simply bc you don't sound too happy about it. It looks good, but you have to feel it too.

OMG !!!! You look stunning in yellow. The coat and and the yellow striped sweater are just amazing on you. I love the other sweater too but it has the unfortunate luck of following the yellow.

( Disclosure : I LOVE yellow but don't wear it near my face because I have very yellow undertones. So I may be living vicariously through you. )

Anchie, I'm wearing the watermelon stripe with my embroidered jeans, gold belt and gold loafers today. Sea foam leather jacket and citron Furla.

Yellow coat looks awesome! I'm not a fan of the yellow & navy stripped sweater. As one person said, too much like a bumblebee! I think the red/white one is just ok. but the yellow coat is LOVELY!

I have to come clean and admit that I have already worn navy/yellow swater and yellow coat today
On the other hand, watermelon one is sitting lonely in the bag waiting to be returned.
Angie, your outfit sounds lovely. I like the sweater very mutch, but color scheme just doesn't work with my wardrobe.

Then back it goes, and keep the blue.

Here's todays outfit in Finds:

We can always count on you Angie and Anchie for a bright outfit!
Fabulous ladies!