Can't wait to see your petite AT trousers! Now I want a pair too.

I think the bangle is really cool but if it's too heavy, return it.

I like pointy toe shoes (a lot) but these aren't doing anything for me. If the two colors were less contrasty and they had a slightly higher vamp I might like them more. (Sorry, but you said you were thick-skinned!)

I commented on the trousers in your other post so on to the rest of the keep returns. The shorts, if they are baggy now and you are looking at more weight loss I vote return and wait until you are at your goal weight. Shorts will not be as forgiving to weight loss as baggy trousers are. The shoes, I'm a nay vote. I don't mind the pointy style and color on you, but the blue tip, really draws the eye to how exaggerated the shoes are and cuts off the leg lengthening vibe. I'm also a nay for the bracelet. I get a super hero vibe with that much thick metal on the wrist.

Thanks Denise and Lisa! I'm going to go ahead and send the shorts, shoes, and cuff on back. I still want a pair of pointy flats, but I'm already almost full on shoes so I'll just continue looking until I find the perfect pair