Love, love, LOVE. KEEP! These boots are just plain amazing, and they look fabulous with every outfit you have paired them with.

OMG they are awesome. Keep! And, um, I realize you don't live in Polar Vortex land, but they would be kind of perfect for dressy events in freezing weather. Just sayin'.

*jumping up and down* like like like like!!! Please keep!!! They are beyond fabulous on you! And baby I am hunting them down

These are awesome! I bet you get a lot more mileage out of these than you ever expect.

Those are gorgeous. I was really meh when I saw the first picture from the site, but I think they look fantastic the way that you've styled them.

I like then up close, but this watery/different shine according to light doesn't sit well with me and they disturb me on the full shot.

I vote Return - and go back to Aldo soon. They always hv nice things and are super comfy.

Well, I adore them, especially if they are more like chain mail than disco ball. They may take more effort to style, but that's part of the fun of styling - the happiness factor when you've created a gorgeous outfit. They also won't be for everyday wear - but so many of my favorite shoes aren't. I say keep - unless they're a size 9, then I say send to me (they would have been perfect for my recent outfit to the "Rock of Ages" musical)!

Rae - to be honest I'm not into shiny shoes, but these are so awesome!! Love them!! I think they will act as an incredible sparkly neutral!! Love them!! Vote keep!

I don't know if they're that sensible workhorse but all I can say is they are awesome and I don't even think over the top. Incidentally my shiny silver Miista Alice booties have become a workhorse--I get loads of compliments and they spiff up everything I wear. I hope you get these!

Keep them! Gorgeous and perfect to wear with casual clothes also!

Rae, did you keep them???