Without reading other comments, #1 reads as shorts and #2 as culottes. I am favoring #2:)

This is tough. I like #1 with the tee and would wear that outfit, but if we are talking culottes I think it is #2 - but maybe another longer option entirely.

Hmm, I like the length of #2 a lot as I think it does read a bit more as culottes, but I think there is too much fabric and swamps you a little. I love the shape of #1.

very late to the party, but for what it worth.
i really like #1, i also like #2, but for me, it has a totally different vibe and it gives off more of a skirt look. i like #3, but i'd love to see them in a more sport luxe look, maybe with some dressy sneakers.

Very, very late to the culotte party, and my first impression was #1, but as I went back and forth between photos, I loved the way #2 was more daring and provocative in its style.