Inge's post this morning reminded me of something I have been thinking about on and off for a while. Where do you draw the line between fakes and inspiration?
Case 1 In today's post Brenna carries a Rebecca Minkoff bag that is quite clearly "inspired by" a Chanel bag. But it is not a copy - it does not carry a Chanel logo obviously, and Rebecca Minkoff is a well known and respected bag designer in her own right. Would you have an issue carrying it (I wouldn't)?
Case 2 I have seen shoes that are very clearly inspired by some particularly iconic or high end other shoes. I own and wear a pair of booties that are almost identical to Alexander Wang's Kori booties. They are by another brand altogether, with different branding, and I did not realize how exact the copy is until I got them home and researched them. But they have the distinctive cut out heel and anyone familiar with AW would associate the look with him (which includes no one in my normal circles). Would you wear these? (I do. They are super comfortable and exactly right for me, although I have occasionally considered having the heel replaced to make them more generic. But haven't yet.)
Case 3 An actual fake. This topic has come up and I think most people wouldn't wear obvious fakes. But some time ago I came across a fake Chanel bag. It was a good fake, and of an unusual style. I considered removing all the logoing and wearing it (it didn't shout Chanel apart from the logos), but in the end let it go. Would you wear such a creature?
Will be glad to read your thoughts if you got this far!