Every year I "adopt" a child/family to give Christmas gifts to. This year, I have adopted a nine year old boy, who has included clothing (tops and bottoms) among the things he would like. I went to the store and realized I no longer have any idea what kids that age are wearing. Since it seems like he might be on the larger side for a 9 year old (he is size 12 in pants and 14 in tops), I don't want to get him slim fit jeans or anything like that. Do any of you have sons or nephews around that age? I don't want to get him clothes that look totally dorky! What types of shirts do they wear? Sweatshirts? Pullovers? Not button-downs, right? Are plaid shirts in style right now? I saw a bunch on a sale rack, then figured they might be on sale because they AREN'T in style. What kinds of pants do boys that age wear other than jeans? At that age, my brother lived in sweats. Do boys still do that?

I did already buy him a winter coat, which was also on his list, but that was easy. I stuck with a coat that was black and gray, because unless boys have really changed since my brother was a kid, dark colors that blend in with everyone else are always good.