What a pretty puffer! On my refresh list this season is a gear-type jacket that doesn't look like gear - meaning it needs to be colorful/pretty/stylish (my current everyday winter jacket is solid drab gray). I want one that hits at about mid-hip, though, and this looks to be a little shorter than that? I do like the high neck (long neck club member here) and the slimming effect of the piping.

I bet this looks gorgeous on you Angie. I was browsing the website and stumbled across this jacket too, the red caught my eye. I was hoping to see it in person though and try it for sizing since I've never bought anything from Zara.

Thanks for the kind compliments, ladies. I paraded around in my new little puffer last night. It's just GORGEOUS. I would go as far as saying chic. I can't believe I'm saying that about a puffer.

Tanya, keep us posted.

Chris, you crack me up. I can pass along some of my glitz gene - since I have a large supply of it.

Vic, Sveta and Style Fan, NO WAY I would wear this cute puffer in sub zero temperatures. I would FREEZE my noony off. I need my Canadian heavy duty long puffer for that, (which I hardly ever wear in Seattle. I bought it for visits to the East Coast). I know I run colder than all of you. This is a great little Seattle puffer, IMO. Others here in my climate would think it too warm - like Gaylene!

Sveta, I'm thinking toffee for you too.

Banoffi, you are welcome.

Dottie, as I mentioned, the puffer runs small and narrow. I have fit details up top.

I love this puffer and everything is perfect about it (color, style, fit) except the length. I wish it were longer because short jackets do not work for me.

love this puffer....but kind suprised you didn't go for the white.

Angie, is the toffee a borderline metallic sheen? The color looks gorgeous and I reaalllyyy need a cute Seattle puffer for casual wear. Love the idea of getting a little glam with it ^^

I just ordered it in the light brown/toffee color. Ordered both an S and an M for comparison. I know my short neck is the violator here but if I wear the collar open I thought it might work.

I didn't hesitate to order this, I mean you can't beat the price. I so wanted the NAS Burberry coat that Una got but it was sold out in my size. This looks like a decent alternative.

I'm not gonna lie. This is one great puffer. If I had a need for a puffer, this would it. Great find.

Love it for you! I wear puffer weight jackets in the winter here, and it never gets below freezing.

kkards, not an unfair assumption! I didn't like the rose gold hardware on the white, and the toffee looks sooooo much more chic with the chocolate pipping. No contest.

Aida, there IS a sheen on the toffee puffer, but it is NOT metallic, IYKWIM.

I hope the flatter collar works, Denise!

Thanks sweet Jaime, Sterling and Bonnie.

"I would go as far as saying chic. I can't believe I'm saying that about a puffer."


"Puffer" and "dressy" in the same sentence! Is it possible? Be still my heart

This is a marvelous puffer. I m sure it will look wonderful on you.
I might be tempted to get the toffee one

What fun! This looks quite retro to me -- like the ski puffer I had in 1979. It was cropped to the waist, with a similar channel pattern to the Zara, and, believe it or not, in a toffee color with two nested chevron stripes in red and navy across the chest and back, and striped knit cuffs and waist.

Better quality by far than most modern coats, but down coats were generally bulkier then. Wish I still had it!

This Zara is probably not the one for me, but I'll love seeing it on Forum members, as the coloring and shape seem fresh and new.

I really like it but it looks very cropped in the photos on the Zara web site. My rear end and hips tend to feel the cold , stupid I know . May have to take a trip to a store to check it out.