I've been bitten by the snakeskin boot bug (pun intended). I picked up these black&white Steve Madden boots at the Bloomingdale outlet and can't stop thinking about them.

I am craving the lightness of the snake palette (a white boot that camouflages dirt??! Yes, please!!) as my fall/winter footwear is dark. I was eyeing the Vince Camuto ones at NAS, but it seems every fashion instagrammer bought them and I decided I didn't want them LOL

I am running out of time to return them so I thought I would ask for input.

- the Maddens were on sale; half the price of the Camutos
- they are slip-on with NO hardware (I don't like zippers)
- they are comfy despite the block heel
- the shaft is high enough to wear a sock with them (not split shaft like the Camuto)
- I love the pattern
- the silhouette seems more modern than the western-leaning style of the Camuto

- the block heel is black and does not bookend my hair or any of my outerwear, except for my moto jacket.
- the colors are not as warm in tone as the Camuto, which may suit me better.

Is the starkness of the black and white too much for my coloring and wardrobe? Should I keep them or keep looking for a better boot?