Oooh! Just saw this! I was going to ask if you like it. It's gorgeous on you! Just lovely. Such a beautiful navy and I actually love it with the tall boots. This is perfect.

Also, how about with your floral oxford shoes?

Sensational with those beautiful navy boots

Stunning every way you have styled it. I love it with the navy boots best.

Such a match: you and that dress. Wow, you were meant to be together. Beautiful navy boots and like the white booties, too. Think cognac would be good with the dress also. One of my favorite Angie dresses. Classic and today.

Wow, wow, wow! You look smashing. And I’ll put in another vote for the blue-out look with the tall boots - you can’t wear white boots all the time Pic 4 is priceless!

You're more KILLA than expired seafood salad !

More love for the navy boots, but then I love those boots with anything! The white booties are fun too, you always make those work. Great dress.

Love it, esp with the navy boots! Good stalking Carla
I want to see it with citron too!

Thank you, kind ladies. You are soooo lovely, and it makes me smile.

I'm chuckling at the love for navy-out. This forum loves a column of dark colour

Brooklyn, I will wear this dress with my navy boots and give my white boots a rest - JUST FOR YOU.

Suz, good memory. I tried it with the floral oxfords, and didn't like it

Embrace the navy! I LOVE it with the tall boots. So chic.

Wow! Sweater dress perfecrion! My fav is with the navy boots and rose sparkle mary janes. It looks more fitted on you than the model, which i love. Is the waist a little more defined than the pic on the model? I like it a lot. You look spectacular!!

LOVE LOVE LOVE, especially with the navy tall boots:)

Wow, it fits to perfection- and looks cozy and warm. Love it with all the shoes, YLF and happy in this, Angie!:-)

A question : why dark hosiery and not sheer nude-for- you with the white booties ? Interested in that thought process .

Wow! Made(well) for you! The footwear changes the vibe completely.

That sweater dress was made for you, Angie! I guess I don't need to say that I like the dress best with the glitter mary janes and the tall boots.

Thanks, ladies. You’re full of lovely compliments and I’m blushing.

Mtnsofthemoon, I think I’m just a little curvier than the model! You’re sweet.

Lyn67, YES, I’m happy in this

Lisa P, to answer your question: I like the lower contrast of the sheer black hose against the dark dress (elongating), and the way the sheer black picks up the black of the heels of the shooties. Sheer nude hose would not achieve those details, IYKWIM.

Shevia, HAH.

Dianna, glad your magpie gene is alive and well.

Fabulous! I like it best with the navy boots.

That is so lovely on you. I would have been tempted by that dress too, but the length would be awkward on petite me. Elegant on you!