I always have a pair of low top Chuck Taylors in rotation ... I bought black today!!! Zappos was sold out but they were available on the Converse site. I think these used to be made in US but aren’t any longer? I’m happy to be In Good company with the shoes and am inspired to wear them for more than just casual now

What this really conveys to me is confidence. There really is an established protocol for dressing, especially in politics. Heck, even Condoleezza Rice got major publicity for wearing knee-high boots. Everyone knows what's expected, so it takes some confidence to break those stereotypes and do your own thing. I love that she's not looking to appeal to the old-fashioned expectations and is carving her own path.

Janet I have already added chucks to my must thrift list !

I wonder if they will become sort of a subtle counterpart to red hats.

First of all you have to be authentic, love when someone is! Great look for her!

I bet the sales of Chucks will go way up!

I am seriously thinking of buying another pair!

It's a great outfit, and she radiates confidence.

I think this is a paradigm shift that has been a long time coming. Male politicians have been able to acceptably "dress down" while campaigning (jeans, leather jackets, etc) for years. It's about time we figure out what approachable, practical, functional attire means for women in positions of power.

LaP, exactly! I like that she just started wearing what she likes on the campaign trail, with no explanation or apology. Only 12 years ago, the last major-party female VP candidate campaigned in sky-high heels. I'm hoping the tide is turning in many ways when it comes to empowerment of women.

Kamala Harris does wear stilettos fairly often, sometimes the needle-thin heeled kind, with her pantsuits. Maybe she's changing now there is so much positive feedback on her sneakers!

Well, what’s interesting to me is it’s more about style and messaging than just comfort. So it IS about what “ looks right” in fashion, in that sense, and to different audiences, and of course to KH also
I mean, the alternatives to stilettos are not just sneakers. If male foot comfort is the contrast, their everyday business shoe is a laceup wingtip or loafer or such, And some of them are wearing “ comfort” versions of those.
Women could wear any number of flat shoes including various flats , oxfords,
flat boots.
But good news is there ARE more choices, and some out limitations are dictated by our “ fashion eye”, which changes over time, as well as somewhat hidden messages and perceptions ( which change also) of power, status, relatability.

Late coming back to this.

Yes, FI! Timberlands too. I like it. One of the only things to tempt me in the Nordstrom anniversary sale was a pair of Timberlands. I resisted, but the appeal is certainly there.

Unfrumped, exactly. There is always a component beyond comfort, and everything makes a statement when you are under such intense public scrutiny (why choices like a certain person's "I don't care, do you?" jacket make me shake my head). As someone who doesn't wear pumps, but also doesn't wear styles like ballet flats, I can appreciate the statement of a more practical shoe style that doesn't conform to "office" expectations. Norms are changing, and her style reflects that. I'm happy to see it!

I saw the Timberlands too! I love both vibes