You look like an 80's inspired dream I like the blue one better -- I think it's the shoulder detail. I also love it paired with the white and black graphic tee. Next to the blue jacket the pink seems so ho hum. Had I seen it on its own I'd probably like it more.

Also I have a pin of you wearing a yellow jacket and I think you look wonderful in yellow so I can see why Angie would give you a thumbs up for the yellow.

No wonder I cannot decide between those two jackets, looks like most of you enable me for both! It does feel that I love both colors equally and I think they both should work well with my spring / summer hubby also said to keep both - should I do like he said?
As Suz pointed Zara's jackets are more of one season fashion fix than investment. It feels that the pink one is a bit better quality than the blue so it may go to another season as well. For $80 I think I will be fine if this blue jacket is for a single season only. i can see that the sleeves can age it next season but I rally love those sleeves. It may be not so obvious from the picture but they are beautifully architectured ( for the lack of better word ). They also don't make my wide shoulders look wider because the "puff" part starts before the shoulder ends.
Angie, I don't know. I decided not to buy BCBG (and Elie Tahari) jackets this year until my weight is stable: they are too expensive for a one season splurge. I think I will reward myself with such a purchase when I am where I want to be. I was thinking of getting this blue one as a season treat for myself but then i decided to order pink as well... Also you said in the BCBG store that you do like longer jackets on me... you say I listen What would your advice be in this case?
I think I need one more playing session in my wardrobe to decide if one of them is more versatile than the other...decisions... decisions...
Thank you all very much for holding my hand!

Got it. Then keep both and enjoy, beautiful Svetlana. xo

All I can say is keep both!

Both are stunning on you but each has it's own seperate vibe. Keep both if you can...

Wow, these are trully beautiful! To me they look the best with the white tee and each bottom shown here. Keep them both!

These are gorgeous on you Sveta - keep both and play with them! That way you'll be all sorted when you want to spend some serious $$$.

Fun jackets. I like both but if you are only keeping one, I vote the blue. It is a lovely color on you and I can see it remixing well with your pink (peach?) trousers that you wore last year. I also like the new white printed top. A great find! But what I enjoy most, is everytime you ponder a new addition to your wardrobe, you really analyze the piece and it's place in your closet. I need to keep this in mind when I shop. Thanks for the inspiration!

You love both and can afford to keep them both, so why not indulge? I have a slight preference for the pink and I really like the way it looks with the outfits you pictured here. I think pink looks really nice with black and with white/ivory. I also kind of feel like pink is more of a color of the season this year.

I soo want to say the blue, because I'm on a quest for electric powder blue... but once again, I think pink wins.

Another no help, because I also vote keep both if you are able! They have different looks, and if you were to have two pastel jackets for the season these would be just the colors I'd pick I LOVE the li'l puff shoulder on you!

They both look great on you. I have a very slight preference for the pink on you but it sounds like you are leaning towards the blue because of the sleeves. You can't go wrong here.

If you can only take one, I would say the pink simply because it is a little longer and looks great with pants. Those flares look so amazing on you as well!

Another vote to keep both. I find the blue the most flattering and color and style, but the pink is great on you too.

Very late to the party, but I vote keep both, Sveta. They are both stunning on you, and both colours are extremely flattering. And what a marvelous tee also!

hubs - says keep both - then definitely keep both - I need to accustom my eye to those sleeves on the blue - I have linebacker shoulders - so I tend to shy away - but it definitely does not make your shoulder line look too broad - it's because of the placement od the shoulder seam - in from the edge - very pretty color on you. You look beautiful as always in both!!