What from the spring/summer wants lists, actual purchases, "on trend" items, have you been happy with,wear a lot, etc.????

For me the navy blazer, Birk look alikes (actually Muk LUks ) floral print bomber, and white denim jacket have been workhorses. Did not wear the white loafers much (maybe because I also bought navy loafers that I liked better,), fluid tops and t's still going strong, and 2 prs of white denim from a year or two ago still going strong.

As for other footwear, two new gladiator type sandals , plus the two pair from last year and year before, get worn a lot and make me happy. Trendy pointy toe flats gave me blister the 4th wearing when I had to park a 10 minute walk to my destination .Pointy toe navy pumps started fallng off my feet at about the 4th wearing-at hotel where one has to walk miles from room to elevator Then another mile to banquet room, then stand around a lot -guess they just got too stretched-(real leather seems to stretch out more and sooner than the faux stuff)

So anyhow, I am glad I did not spend a bundle on real Birks as they will never replace my flip flops even though they are OK comfort wise. NOt giving up on pointy toe exactly as will wait and see about other kinds of shoes.