OMG I love it all! That HL looks amazing on you! If it weren't for the fact that I've done a TON of shopping over the past couple of months I'd give that a try too! I like it on you better than the model!! Love the silver shoes, but too bad about the fit. I like both tops as well. Nothing wrong with adding a bit of pretty to the mix - but not TOO pretty right? I vote keep it all.

Ok tags are off the HL. Suz, I sent you a message with enabling info. :). Still undecided on the two tops. It's a good sign that I didn't just say "good enough for now" - I need to ponder. Usually if I don't want to wear something THAT MINUTE it's a good gauge.

Thanks for all the feedback. It really helps.

The sweatshirt is awesome. Maybe you could size up if you wanted more slouchy or over thicker tops, but with your figure you don't need to--it looks good zipped and open.
The T IS pretty--not too pretty for you, though. These are colors I would love, but do you? Or how do you want to wear it?

Chiming in late here. The jacket was the bomb, but you know that already. I haven't had good luck with Dolce Vita shoes. I think the style is always there, but maybe at the expense of something else. I'd pass on the Pleonie style blouse. The color is good, but even in a smaller size than the one you previously tried, it still looks too voluminous. I like the colors of the Ted Baker tee on you, and you can mix it up with other darker pieces as needed. I agree you gotta be careful not to look like a birthday cake, but you could get the white version of the Helmut Lang jacket and then it would just be a garden party or something.

I got my first HL piece this summer, a black blazer that I have been using in lieu of "office sweater" and I love it more than I expected to. I bought it online as I do many things, because I live in the boonies. It's hard to assess their clothing in online pictures because it tends to be dark and drapey. But maybe I'll try more pieces. Can't do that one because of the short neck problem.

I am enjoying seeing you in warmer weather clothes so much! Your style is consistent across the seasons and I bow to thee!

Coming back to add how much I love that HL sweater. I have a Zella jacket with a funnel neck that I LOVE since I have such a long neck...I've been checking Zella regularly for something in another colour. Mine is black and a workhorse all year long. Something blue would be so great....Can't pull the trigger yet, but you mention HL runs small? I have no experience with HL. If you are in a small, I'm guessing I'd be in a medium - I have super long arms. Just want to get myself sorted so I can stalk it ...

signed...a lemming in vancouver