Done purchasing for June, so I'm reporting in.

In our yearlong shopping challenge, I committed to buying 31 or fewer items (not counting undergarments).

January - 0 items

February - 5 items

March - 2 items

April - 2 items

May - 4 items

June - 1 item

Just added one pair of sandals in June. I needed something slightly more polished than my current options for my son's graduation mid-month, so I ordered a pair of ankle-strap flats from Nisolo, and they've already racked up six wears.

This brings my total purchases for the year to 14 items. All my 2019 buys are in Finds below and in the linked collection. I've retired 21 items this year, so my wardrobe is shrinking. All in all, I have 113 items in my closet, if I count all categories except jewelry, underwear and sleepwear (though I am counting sleep/lounge in my 31 items and my retirements. If you're curious, adding sleep/lounge would boost my total wardrobe count to 130 items).

I have a couple of slow fashion items on my wishlist for summer yet, but slow, in this case, means made-to-order, so I won't pull the trigger on those until I have an address in LA. Since summer should last a good two-three months longer there, I don't mind waiting. I anticipate getting pretty bored around August and wanting an infusion of novelty to last me through October/November.