Hi All

The third week was a hit and miss affair. I am only going to show the hits and one miss. My challenge is to wear all my winter clothes in July in outfits that meet my aspiration of casual bold elegance. And to accessorise!

All are work outfits except the last which was travelling to the beach and a winter beach walk.

I did photograph the other looks ( work) and in the weekend lived in gear as we walked, biked and ran at the beach.

1) the cable knit jumper is now dyed olive after dye rub on the bone colour. I just don’t think the shape does me any favours. I adore the idea of jeans and a chunky knit but in reality I don’t suit it. Cuts me off in all the wrong places and is too boxy for an hourglass shape. I will keep it for lounging at home and working from home to replace a 7 year old grey jumper that is on its very last legs.
2). The outfits I didn’t show feature jeans with black tops. At the moment I am finding this boring on me. Definitely not bold. I have a lot of black tops and maybe it is time to find a second wardrobe essential top. I plan to go through all the black tops and edit a couple out.
3) I am off jeans and sneakers on me. I think I am mostly off jeans.

I am on target to wear everything in my winter closet by the 1/8 ( dinner out that night so will wear a tricky dress that is not casual nor work).

I have two pieces to edit out and am still on my shopping ban til 2/8 when I complete my challenge.

Thoughts and feedback are always appreciated.

Finds for almost everything worn!

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