The recent talks about non-jeans alternatives made me think again about the fact that I have very few myself. Especially for warmer weather. I do have plenty of non-denim shorts but I want something with more coverage that is still comfortable in the heat. So I looked at some options and ended up choosing a couple to try that seemed affordable and from familiar to me companies.

I'm ordering the Athetla crop linen pants and the AE twill Tomgirls. I put the linen crops in my Finds but couldn't put the Tomgirls in there for some reason, so here's a link.

I did try linen pants a few years back but they were sort of baggy and just didn't feel "flattering." I'm hoping a more streamlined, cropped pair will feel better. And hoping I can get past the "drawstring" waist thing that I seem to have trouble wearing out of the house. We'll see.

Gap Linen Ankle Pant
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