I mentioned in the comments of today's blog post that I had started using this Japanese Nivea "water gel" sunscreen and Angie asked me to post the find, so here it is. 

For those who haven't read my comment, this is almost weightless, invisible, non-smelly, and not at all greasy.  It absorbs almost immediately and feels like nothing.  Japanese sunscreen technology is a lot more advanced in general than American.  The big thing for me is that they don't use Avobenzone, which I am allergic to and which is in most US-manufactured chemical sunblocks. 

Down side is that I do not think it is waterproof.  (I think it's OK if you sweat a bit, though I don't really know how to tell since it feels like nothing, but I wouldn't use it if I were going swimming or something.  Since that's a very rare occurrence for me, I don't care.) 

Shipping takes forever (since it comes from Japan) but is free so whatever.

Here is a reddit thread with more info:

The Biore is another Japanese product that gets rave reviews, although I haven't tried it.  Since I wanted it for my body mostly, I bought the Nivea because it was bigger and more economical.  I think the Biore is supposed to have better UvA protection and is also waterproof.  I may get a tube to try as well.

NOTE: you have to get the japanese products, not Nivea or Biore from the US or Europe, because the formulations are different.

ETA: I mostly use this on days when I'm going to be outdoors for more than my typical 15 minutes morning walk to the bus (on work days this is pretty much the only significant sun exposure I get).  On those days I just wear my regular spf15 face moisturizer.  I know I should probably start wearing sunscreen on my arms daily!  

I am not very pale and don't burn easily, but many pale women who DO burn easily also swear by these Japanese products.