If there was a theme for January it was ‘wear the uniform on repeat’ and ‘dress for warmth’. I wore 4 different bottoms - 3 of them straight and cropped, and 8 different tops - 7 of them knits and 5 of them roll neck.

I wore all my winter coats and two light weight puffers. I also rotated through most of my hats, mitts, and gloves - though the beanies were worn the most. The snow we got early in the month disappeared near the end so wore mostly boots out of doors, but sneakers were out on a couple of warm sunny days.

First purchases for 2024 were made at the very end of the month - and with a March vacation in mind - swimwear, light weight pieces, and upgrading a bag.

Retired red boots (workhorses),and donated a maroon belt with gold hardware (I’m a silver hardware person), and a small red bag that taught me I need a red bag, but which had zippers across the top that always scratched my hands. (I found a great replacement.)

I suspect February will be much like January. We have no snow! However, I will be playing in my closet as I figure out a travel capsule for 2 weeks in Florida end of March!

I’ve figured out that I do best with a small-ish closet, but I don’t think I’m a minimalist dresser. I do wear quite a bit of (bright) colour.

Hero item is the (newer) black and white wool coat. A Canadian influencer once said that during cold Canadian winters - the coat IS the outfit - and the checked coat more than pulls its weight!

(Finds below are items worn in January)