I do love tulle shirts, though don't own one, but that is an exceptionally good example!

That’s a Janet skirt if I ever saw one,

Ok, I’ve been looking at their returns policy and it seems reasonable. A bit more complicated for US customers, and I imagine I’d be out $10-15 for shipping if it doesn’t work out.

Suz, let me know if you pull the trigger. I’d be much more comfortable with ordering depending on your experience with fit and style. It’s a dramatic piece! It could be brilliant on me, or it could be awful. I’m also right between a M and a L in size according to their measurement but would probably defer to the larger size so it sits lower on my waist rather than higher.

It's a Canadian company - go for it Suz!

I have seen the label on IG, but don't know much else about it.


Same here, Angie. I’d love to see it on a Canadian friend first to see if it seems a good possibility for me.

I also have my eye on two pieces of their jewelry.

I'll try the jewellery and maybe that circle cut out top thing and will report back. There is no way in hell I'd ever wear that tulle skirt ...I'd need to drop 20 lbs first - I only dream of being able to wear things like that

Ok. I pulled the trigger. It will no doubt take weeks to arrive, but I will keep you posted. I figure there's enough other stuff on there (esp. jewellery) that I would potentially like so if this doesn't fit or I decide it is too wildly impractical (which it is, let's be real!) I can exchange it for no charge.

Also, I got the 10% off so it is reasonable in price, to say the least.

Janet, if you do decide to go for it and want it shipped via a person vs. the company, let me know -- happy to help out. Although that would probably increase the timeline even further, knowing Canada Post.

Can’t wait to see it Suz ! I’m so envious !

You have a head start on a holiday outfit, Suz!

Gah - someone needs to order the shorts with the tulle ! There’s only a small left otherwise those would be mine .

Lisa, I dare say that if I can wear this shirt without losing 20 lbs, you can too!

Suz, I can’t wait to see it on you! Thanks for the update!

Carla, I had the same thought about a holiday outfit. I’d actually love to see this skirt styled very simply with a black turtleneck and black heeled boots.

You have the height that I lack to make this work I’ve got a few things in my shopping cart ready to buy - but can’t decide if this is crazy or not . What if the quality isn’t there ? Which , because of the low prices , I’m suspecting might be the case .

It looks like their return and refund policy is pretty solid, especially since you are in Canada. Seems you’d be out a fairly minor shipping charge if it doesn’t work out.

I'm betting it's not great quality, either, and I've been burned by one of those amazing looking ads before -- but -- I figure I need good enough, not superb quality in a piece like this that I won't wear a whole lot (I expect). I'll keep you all posted with photos!

I might need a new pair of black stompy boots for it, though. So far, footwear options I'm considering are the following....

I see from the fine print that the pattern includes pink. That might be fun to pick up on in tops, too, although my first choice will be navy, royal, or black.

A pair of black or navy or grey mid-calf stompy boots could work in my closet, so...a lot will depend on the length it is on me. Might be way too long.

I love that skirt. Has a bit of an r13 / McQueen thing going on, doesn’t it?

(Btw I am ms copycat on the z&v t sh you posted about the other day. They’re a perennial)

Lisa, I’m proud to inspire a copycat! I really like that tee, but be warned that in the laundry, the fuzzy lettering “bled” a little — I worked it with a lint roller to get the tiny black fuzzies off the white shirt, but there are still some there. It’s not awful, but worth noting. I figure if it turns out to be a continuing issue, I may end up dyeing the shirt a darker color like deep blue.

Suz, I noticed the thin pink stripe in it — I actually really like that, considering I don’t really wear pink much (hardly at all!). I do have a magenta cashmere scarf that would be nice with it.

I’d be ok with “good enough” quality for a piece like this, as I’m unlikely to wear it a lot.

Oh wow, I am on the never thought I would covet a tulle skirt but this one has me sold bandwagon. Hope to see it on you and Suz and anyone else soon!

That’s cute, Angie! The print reminds me of an Equipment silk shirt I had for years and finally let go. If I needed more jackets…

Haha, now their ads are popping up more frequently. One featuring this skirt…

I like that they feature models who are not a size 0 and/or only 20 years old.

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(Would) love a tulle skirt -this has your colors, Janet(&Suz!) and is a style grown up enough-artsy - so I say, go for it!

The blue bag is fabulous! Such a fashion gem

You would totally rock this skirt.

Just came across this article about punkish tulle <https://www.wsj.com/articles/h.....1633105738>

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Lisa, thanks for that! Looks like I’m on trend with this purchase. Now I just need an occasion to wear it!