I hope the belt helps you as much as it has helped me. I wear it when I am doing something that often flares my back up. Long car and plane rides, the stair stepper, classic Nordic skiing. It helps me a lot. You wear it low and snug but not tight. The serola website video was helpful for getting the placement right.

It actually made a recent trip to Disneyland much better for me - DD and DH like the jolting rides like Indiana Jones and Big Thunder Mountain, and I was able to ride a few times without serious regrets. Space Mountain is my favorite!

Take care of yourself! I have 30+ years of a low back injury that flares up with what can seem like no rhyme or reason, so sadly I have a lot of recovery experience. There can be a lot of frustration with 2 steps forward 1 step back. Sometimes the mental part is a bad as the physical, so be patient with, and kind to, yourself.

Karen13 can you describe a little bit further how the belt is intended to work? I’m finding one of the reasons I’m going back to lower rise flare jeans is on account of the fact that the belting effect in the lower abdomen and back provides reinforcement for proper posture. I’m thinking that this belt does the same type of thing, but it’s hard to imagine that being useful for long periods of sitting where the chair is already defining a lot of how you sit. Thanks.

Vionics were the sandals that helped me the most when I was diagnosed with Plantar fasciitis. Glad you found some that were comfortable!

3style, I started a new post on this so I don’t hijack this thread. I have gotten so much helpful info from this forum on a variety of topic, hopefully this info will help someone else.


Christina, auto correct jumped in. My earlier post should have been QVC not ABC.

And here is my vionic collection.

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