I have many duplicates of basic workhorses....3 pairs of EF skinny ponte pants in black. 3 pairs of NYDJ ponte pants in black, brown and eggplant. Basic silk Ts and sleeveless tops in different neutrals.

Everything is in rotation and I only have to go to dry cleaners once a month.

Here are my two cents on duplication.

I think it needs to be a decision made from the bottom up, not from the top down. What the heck does that mean -- well, here goes.

"Top down" is when you start with the principle and let that determine your actions: "I believe in duplicating things that I love and wear a lot, therefore I will duplicate this skirt because it's my favorite."

"Bottom up" is when you let the evidence tell you when it's a good idea to duplicate: "For the third time this week, I need that item and it's at the cleaners, or waiting to be washed, therefore I will duplicate this item."

Bottom up duplicating is usually a good idea. Top down duplicating usually strands you with some expensive mistakes.

First thing I have to say is that I totally LOL'd at Suz's post. Why? Because I think I have every single item she posted (except the boat neck top)... and even the same duplications (except only one of my three VC tube skirts are the same). Too funny.

I am a huge duplicator. And I'm not sure if it's a good or bad thing, for me. I do often find it quite hard to find things that I really like the fit of... I don't have patience to look hard, so when I find something, it's worth grabbing. Usually this is different colours, but the odd time I've got the same thing, when I can tell it's something that will be part of my life for a LONG time... my black v-neck BR linen tee, for example. Not trendy, and an essential. Yes, if I've duplicated colours there's a chance I'm going to wear one colour more than the others, but so what? If I'd bought a different whatever in that other colour, that doesn't mean I'd likely wear it more. I have no need to feel everything in my closet is worn equally.

And I totally get that having a duplicate gives you "permission" to wear something more often. I am also a saver, and I'm not sure why. But again, so what? I'd rather wear something I love more than save it, and if in effect buying two enables that, then just pretend the cost was twice what it was... still worth it? probably. As long as you have the space and budget.

What I do need to consider for myself is that with the advent of on-line shopping, and all my YLF influences, I shop more now than I did, and find things I like more than I did. So there is less need for me to duplicate just to save the time and effort of shopping. I have enough, so duplicating really does need the item to be amazing... no need at all to pick up more than one just in case I never find another white tee that fits me. Cuz I will. (Remember that, Elizabeth)

April, You're post is interesting. I duplicate items that I wear a lot, so I guess that means I duplicate from the top down. However, those are the items that are in the laundry a lot, because they're worn a lot, hence the need for duplicates. So in that sense, I duplicate from the bottom up.

BC, ah -- thank you for pointing out that there is a category that's both top down and bottom up. Quite true.

So let me amend my statement: as long as there is a bottom-up component involved, duplicating will tend to make sense. Because your top-down "principle" was evidence-based.

It's when top down stands alone that it leads us to poor decisions. IMHO.

April, when you put it that way, it makes complete sense. I just know it would make no economic sense to duplicate something you don't wear that often. It wouldn't even make sense to have that duplicate taking up valuable space in your closet - space that could be occupied by something really fab that you'd get a lot of use out of.

Late to this discussion because I was not sure I was duplicating. Until this morning the weather is so warm I had to find a short sleeve top. I remembered I have this top in four colors. It is kind of my summer go to top. It is flattering and reasonably priced. I don't go shopping in person much and tired of ordering and returning. I think that is why I bought so many of these last year. No regrets. I wear the patterned, black, and pink one equally. The white one less so because it is semi sheer and i don't like it for work for that reason unless I wear a cami under. I sometimes duplicate jeans as well. I have also bought a second pair of the same shoes a couple times because I often wear shoes out and my feet are hard to fit. No that I think about it, I have also duplicated cashmere V neck sweater and merino sweater. All very basic stuff. And I wear them all at the same time with similar frequencies.

I've decided there are very good reasons to duplicate. A person just has to understand why they are duplicating and adhere to those parameters.