Angie recently suggested I wear an outfit with a lighter shoe and I realized I don't have any - all black and 1 dark brown.

I have a wide forefoot and a narrow heel, and most often a 6.5W or D, so Men's are too big and Boys are usually poor quality. I wear plastic 3/4 custom orthotics. My shoes have to be very comfortable for walking 2-5 miles in a stretch.

I am looking for a high top to start, because I have a very sensitive right heel/achilles area and have usually wear Merrill clog type shoes to keep it from becoming "pump bump" aka Haglund's deformity. They are comfy but not so versatile for fashion. My Keen Durand hiking boots are my favorite shoes for comfort, and I realized that the high top and straight back keep my heel from rubbing.

I have a brown pair for Vans (Find 4) in the men's/unisex width (I can't wear the Women's Slim style) which seem OK for width and non heel irritation, so I am thinking about these other Vans in finds 1&2. But I would love suggestions on other candidates and best colors for versatile spring and summer use.

The floral Chukka is going back because I need a taller shaft and higher tighter laces at the ankle to keep from irritating my pump bum. So I think chukka boots may be too low. If anyone likes them - they run very small and narrow. Even a 7W was too tight for me.

I would try a low sneaker if I could find one with the right specs. I think I need a very straight back of heel, not one that cups in at the achilles. Or super soft/stretch material there.

Does anyone with truly wide feet own the Converse Chuck II which Angie recommends so highly, and do they hit or rub at the bottom of the achilles?

Thanks for reading this very long post! Karen