Probably not your size, but I'd suggest calling as their stores have different inventories.

Willing to bust out of blackness? I have a different dress by this designer and it's amazing.

Edit- here's the designer's page, and I know she does customize. Excellent quality, seriously. I visited her studio once in Portland.

Smittie - you are probably wise. We'd be in feeding frenzy competition for LBD's!! I'm just hoping something will turn up for all of us.

Suz - don't you hate that the really nice simple things are usually uber expensive. Caro recommended a book to me, Malcolm Levene's "10 Steps to Fashion Freedom" and one of his points is that making something simple work brilliantly requires excellent fabric, construction and fit. The reason so many inexpensive dresses have details is to distract. That may be the problem with finding something at a reasonable price point (not that I consider some of these dresses reasonable!!) It's only how unreasonable can I afford!!

Joy - I also have several EF dresses. Mostly her jersey and where the cut if fab, the fabric is not as dressy. I love them for work though. Mostly I see merino and jersey now but I will keep looking. Alas, I don't shop consignment because I never make it to an actual store. I'm almost completely an online shopper due to time constraints. But it's a great idea. I will also check out Talbots. That's another super idea.

That’s a great part about how perfect things have to be when they are simple.

The Realreal has several dresses you might like.

Anna - I didn't think of Pendleton. That's an excellent suggestion and I know that you are always praising their quality. Yes, it would be size hunt. But you never know. You always fine the most amazing dresses. I have never seen that designer. I look forward to looking at the website. Yes, in this case, this would be the mother of black dresses, so I do want to stay on track. But what fabulous, interesting, edgy, elegant silhouette and detail. Amazing. Perhaps something in black will come out!! Thank you so much for sharing. They are wonderful design a feast for the eyes!!

Fashiontern - do you bake? It's like the perfect vanilla genoise. Perfect technique, proportions, ingredients and timing all together produce the simply sublime. Anything less and the results are less than stellar. I think that's true of design. Simple things highlight quality and expose shoddy workmanship. I have never shopped the realreal. I know the items are authentic. I need to check about returns. It's so much easier to shop a major department store online but it's a great idea. Thank you.

Most brand possibilities have been named but my maybe list includes:
Reiss, Boss, Theory, Talbots, Lafayette, Pendleton, Brooks Brothers, EF though those skew casual . Anthroplogie because they stock random makers and a lot of unexpected dresses though most are casual/ unusual. In department stores, look at RL and Calvin Klein; though these are not high end fabrics, they make simple classic shapes.
Fabrication is difficult since seems to have declined. I’d be willing to skate on that a bit ( not thin jersey, but ponte, etc) if cut and fit are perfect. Hence EF who has good fabrics but dresses might be knits, or Talbot ponte, if fit great, comfortable ( so one feels effortless) great neckline, in black, cocktail lighting, sparkly accessories, who really knows?
And maddenly, a maker may make “ one” such dress randomly one year and sell out.

Gryffin, have you tried the Lafayette dress? The sleeves should be fine under a cocoon coat or puffer. You can wear a thermal top underneath too.

Unfrumped - thank you. I need to look at Theory again. I only tried one dress and they favor a classic style. Those are all great suggestions....the hunt continues...

Angie - I have not tried the dress yet. But I was actually questioning whether a blazer would work with those sleeves. I always like the ability to wear a blazer with a dress. I know the sleeves will work with a coat. But my tux jacket, smythe corded lace blazer, etc was what I was thinking of when I mentioned jacket. I know I can wear thermals but I'd like the dress to have that versatility since blazers are so much a part of my style.

You might contact Liza Rietz. When I worked with her, I had a grey dress made in black & made the skirt more straight than A-line. If it was still in her line up it'd be perfect for you. It had squared flat architectural ruffles on the side

No blazer over that dress I’m afraid.

Gryffin, you could take a walk on the wild side and not wear a blazer with a dress! Just a thought, and much love to you. Xo

Gryffin, how do you like this one? Haider Ackermann and such a good sale, too.

And just for the heck of it two others that are a little more outside your box, but that I think would work on me (and possibly you since though we have similar shapes, though not completely overlapping taste._

Anna - what an amazing service that the designer would modify and custom for you. That's as haute couture as I could ever hope to approach in this lifetime way cool. I will definitely be checking it out. Many thanks. You do always find the most interesting pieces and people!!
Angie - you are so adorable!! That's like me saying you you..."you know you could...wear all black". "Or you could give up all your happy colors...". Yeah we say..we could do that, but why would we want to leave our happy places!! . Got tux!!
Umm Lila - I am a huge fan of your style sophisticated, elegant, interesting, fun. You are so truly chic but never fussy. There is a lot of crossover in what we like and I always look forward to seeing what pieces you select and how you mix them together. I'm a huge fan. The HA is a really good sale but I'm not sure satin would be the best fabric for me. I do like the pieces you selected particularly the last belted one. I could not wear the second dress low vee, no bust, I'd bend over and you'd see everything. Not a good look for me. But for this dress I was looking for more a breakfast at tiffanys vibe. But super nice picks!!

I think if I was going to try a sheath dress instead I might try this one.

I surrender. Go Team Got Tux. Last sheath looks great.