Suz's recent outfit posting here got me thinking that some loose skirt-like flowy shorts night be a great addition to my summer wardrobe. The ones she showed were a few years old so no long available.

I'm looking for something fairly flowy but not voluminous and just above the knee length, (or longer that I can shorten, in a neutral color, preferable dark. I don't want a linen woven or knit, although I might consider a blend that includes a bit of linen.

I did some searches and didn't find much but did find one option at Nordstrom, although it's hard to tell how "loose and flowy" they are. Paperbag shorts might work but the ones I found are all much shorter than I'd like. I do not want the type of sarong shorts that expose a lot of leg like you'd wear over a bathing suit.

Has anyone seen styles like this recently?

- 1st find is Suz's shorts from a few years ago
- 2nd find is the ones i just found at Nordstrom - not sure they are flowy but it's the general style I'm looking for

Sarong Shorts
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Relaxed Shorts
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