So my father is staying with me for a bit, at the very bare minimum a month, probably longer.
I’m coordinating a whole slew of medical appointments. I’m juggling various notebooks with notes and to-do lists (oh boy, the to-do lists) and files with records, water bottles (for him and me), his meds, etc etc etc
I realize I need a big tote bag, but I want FASHION, because I’m still me. My local consignment store has an amazing Chanel one, but $$$$, apparently it was a runway style.
Ideally I’d like one with a big ol’ strap that can go crossbody, oh and not too heavy. And budget is a bit of a issue, as I’m taking lots of unpaid leave.
I’ve been looking online, but haven’t quite found it.
Including some finds I like, but it’s too small.