I need another pair of boots (or two) to round out my fall/winter footwear. The Finds below are what I have - two great pairs of Vince Camuto knee-high boots that are flat and comfortable and appropriate for work (particularly the Parle, which dresses up well and I can't recommend highly enough). The two brown pairs are close approximations to what I also have - but both are more casual so better for weekend wear.

I think I'm set on tall boots, and would like a pair of ankle boots that are flat or flat-ish. My fall/winter purchases are heavy in neutrals (some finds below) - predominantly navy, black, white, and cream, with some burgundy and olive. I'm drawn to Equestrian and Modern Classic, and need something weatherproof (or able to waterproof) that's good for lots of walking.

I was initially thinking of a lighter color to bookend my hair but thinking darker footwear with minimal contrast to the rest of my palette will be easier to integrate for me. I tried these Born Clements in black but they read a bit too combat: https://www.zappos.com/p/born-.....9/color/69

All this to say I'm seeking comfortable ankle boots that dress-up well in a dark color, probably black (or navy, which is so hard to find!). Angie's round-up of burgundy boots has given me some good ideas... any other suggestions, or is there a color or style option I'm not thinking of here?

Updating to say: Burgundy boots for the win! Find is below. They're comfy even with the heel. And Macy's also came through with a lovely "chianti" rain jacket that pairs beautifully with the boots (I don't mind the matchy matchy), is quite warm (for my upcoming Seattle trip), and roomy enough to layer a blazer or knits beneath. Yay! I love red wine in the autumn...