While out shopping today , I was also on the hunt for a pair of cropped black flares - in denim or cotton . Kind of undefined . Do you remember the Halogen cropped kick flare ponte pants that many of us bought 4-5 years ago ? I got mine from Elizabeth ( wonder where she is ? I miss her contributions here ) ( fellow Canadian from Ottawa) . Anyways , those little well-priced pants finally hit the textile donation pile this week after pretty constant wear and laundering . Loved them. I’m on a relaxed mission to replace them, but am open to a more summery fabric or a washed black denim . I tried on a couple of pair of random pants today in but nothing stuck . Nothing at Gap , Aritizia , BR , Anthro = the usual mall stores . I really liked the one pair of faded black cropped flares I did try on in a boutique ( I now see the difference length makes ) but they were a size too big . I may order online . If you’ve come across any funky black bottoms that aren’t joggers ( fully loaded on those ) - I’m open to ideas . Thank you !!