Thanks everyone for all of the suggestions. At this point, I am trying the Everlane and the JCrew linen (thanks BJ1111!) and possibly the Uniqlo (thanks Eliza and KKards!).

Mainelady, I do really like those hoodies, too! I've registered for the waitlist for one of them and may try to find it elsewhere. How's the sizing?

And Cat2, I looked at the options you sent too. Thanks for them. I had to laugh at your comments about the "west coast" version. I have long seen JCrew as a preppy girl and Madewell as her cooler cousin from Santa Monica. LOL!!!!

Zaeobi, you are absolutely right about too much length ruining the vibe I am looking for. It's hard to articulate (although kkards really was on target when she said she thinks of the beach as less precious). I think JCrew (perhaps with a dash of Madewell) is the clue to shape/style I am seeking.

So many of your delightful ideas were a little too refined for me, but were beautiful nonetheless. I hope these ideas help others out there!

Viva, I didn’t know you were a Mainer! The Ampersand hoodies are also available from other boutiques. I have ordered from Mindy Mae’s Market, too. Poppy and Polka Dot is local, so I try to support that business first. The hoodies have different weights and most have a lot of stretch. They are a feminine fit, so not boxy at all. I often wear a size 8 top and I like mine roomy, so all the hoodies I have are in size Medium. I could definitely do a small, but I prefer a little more room. The care directions say to hang dry, but I throw mine right in the dryer and they are holding up really well. They have become my favorite extra layer. They are very soft and depending upon the pattern or color look kind of dressed up for a sweatshirt.

I’d be wearing a fisherman’s sweater, LL Bean... and my puffer! But I’m thinking of No Cal... like JAileen says, permanent state of winter there...