I’ve gotten it into my head that I would like a good white shirt to layer in cooler weather. My current white shirts are very summer-wear: gauzy and very light with no structure, a roomy/boxy cotton shirt that doesn’t layer under other pieces well, and an old Cloth and Stone shirt that is too soft and unstructured to work layered under anything without just looking sloppy.

I’m finding that most somewhat crisp white shirts are one or more of the following:

- too long and tunic-y for my short torso
- too boxy
- too thin or too heavy
- have bulky chest pockets that don’t allow for easy layering
- too traditional and fitted
- wrinkle if you look at them sideways

I stopped in Uniqlo today and their cotton shirt comes as close as any I’ve tried, but it’s a little long on me in a M. I could maybe go down to a S, but I didn’t try it on since I was in a little bit of a hurry.


I like the high-low hem, I just wish it were a little shorter (on me, the front comes down below my inseam, which I don’t like). I don’t mind if it’s long in back!

Has anyone seen a good candidate for this kind of shirt? I would prefer something that doesn’t require ironing. And I don’t want to spend hundreds on it. Suggestions welcome!