Such a perfect choice for you! Isn't it wonderful that your new activity can be an opportunity to explore fabulous fashion that can't be worn to work or the grocery? The dress is unique without appearing to try to be arty --- it's easy and modern, not just dramatic. Makes me wish I'd taken up dancing instead of cycling. Spandex with a chamois pad is no substitute for this dress!

So floaty and pretty!

Fabulous dress on beautiful you. Would you possibly try a shoe with more contrast? Silver, of navy?

Sveta, I wish we could see you dance in your new little look wonderful in this dress, and I can only imagine what the effect is "in motion".!

Oh my goodness!!! How stunning do Yu look in this dress! Sveta, this dress is just gorgeous. I think it was made just for you. What a wonderful addition to your wardrobe:)

I have to come clean: I ordered this dress today after seeing it on you. I'm asking for trouble I know, because we do not have at all the same body type but I need a dress for a big party this week and am dying over the thought of having to go shopping to find something to wear . I would rather die a slow death than shop for a dress . Keeping fingers crossed

Absolutely gorgeous!

Thank you ladies!
my dancing shoes I changed into at the dance are platinum. Unfortunately my shoe options for the dance are limited to this single pair at the moment.
Lisa, I hope the dress works for you and we can be dress twins. It would go beautifully with your gorgeous eyes as the pattern has both blue and green colors in it. I think it will be longer on you than on me but it may be a good thing. I hope to see the pictures!

Gorgeous dress! The colours, the style... Looks great on you!

Oh, killer gorgeous, and perfect handkertchief hems! This is really the best updated version of them all! It's perfect for dancing, but not only!!! I hope youl wear it IRL, too-also YLF these day Sveta, your posture reminds me of a proffesional (ballet) dancer:-)

I can see why you love it. It is so floaty and you look like a modern flapper (perfect for dancing I say!)

Spicy but still elegant. It's perfect for dancing or a hot summer day.

Just piling on to say "exquisite!" It's creative, and blends the retro with the edgy. The print really makes it, and I say that as someone not always drawn to prints. Happy dancing!

Totally love the dress and you, but I have to add that your hair looks fantastic! The color, the cut, so fab!

Sveta - I did a lemming move and ordered the dress. It was still full price in-store, yet half price on their website. Ridiculous. I got it within 2 days, tried it on, and it's perfect. Love it. Wore it all day today and felt pretty and polished in it. I am quite sure it's not traditionally flattering, and probably makes me look pregnant or matronly because it hangs from my chest, but I tried not to think about that today. Got lots of compliments on it, and felt cool and collected. Totally a wildcard buy - thanks to you! I NEVER would have tried it on if I hadn't seen it on you. I love the colours too - wore it with black and white wedges .

That is so pretty! I'd be tempted too. Perfect for you!

Lisa - woo-hoo! I am tickled to be a dress twin with you!
Please post a picture when you have time - I would love to see it! Told you the colors will be GORGEOUS with your eyes!
I wonder if I should take this dress with me on our anniversary long weekend we are leaving for tomorrow and wear it for dinner...or will it be too much?
chouette22 - thanks for the hair compliment. My hair is hard to style and not the best all around - thin, fine, poker staright and not keeping any styling for long. It is really encouraging to see that it may not be a total disaster

You should definitely take the dress to wear for a special anniversary dinner, especially if your DH likes it on you (I can't imagine that he wouldn't).

Joy, I asked him to select which dress to wear for the dinner and he selected this one. I like it too so this is what I am taking with me

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