I saw this jacket online but since it is described as brown, I was not too interested, even though I can use some browns at times and I also have a BR brown tweed jacket from several years ago.
When a BR store though, I saw it IRL and did not realize it's the same one. To me it reads as a mix of olive, gray, black, camel or khaki, and it even goes with some taupes. Meaning, it's almost the every-color pattern and can pattern mix with some as well. I am giving it a whirl for fall and winter.

I also picked up the flounce blouse in the navy-gray floral. I have a need for untucked blouses that look intentional and not too sloppy, and this fit the bill. I didn't even know it was described as "flounce" at first, as that is subtle, but appreciated the slight waist shaping and flare, not a dramatic peplum but great for pretty pears.

However, as per my recent pet peeve about not realizing all "color ways" in items available, I then saw that it came in the black & white houndstooth which is a more restrained print, more classic appearing, and of course I get the what-if's, should I exchange, should I dupe, what.
I haven't decided but here are some factors:
The black & white is nice, somewhat softened so not harsh on me, but in terms of companion items it still functions as a graphic-- it looks best with solid black bottoms. It "grins" with black pants, though I could wear a black cami tucked in.
Same same, it needs a black topper Or, an alternative could wear another solid dark like a burgundy sweater. However, it's always good to have FFBO black-pants outfits.
The other print, while more "maximal" goes with several shades of gray (pants and blazers), navy (multiple shades), borderline gray-ish colors like pearl or near-white, and is dark enough for some black items. It also looks good with dark jeans--not my first target but might fit into "versatility" factor.

So I'm still pondering that one, as the houndstooth is more neutral while the floral creates more immediate complete outfits with existing jackets.

If anyone has been pondering these items online, perhaps this might help! Other thoughts welcome.