Today is usually Outfit Formula day her on YLF, so in that spirit I thought I’d share three outfits I saw on strangers recently that really caught my eye and the reasons I loved them. I thought it might be a little rude to ask total strangers if I could take their photos so I’ll “use my words” to describe them.

1. A woman around 60, seen in a checkout line at a Loft store. She had coloring similar to mine, very petite and slim with broad shoulders, with short and slightly spikey white hair. She was wearing distressed
skinny jeans with a fairly wide cuff, a dusty pink zip up sporty/athleisure
jacket (similar to the blue one shown in finds), textured silver slip on sneakers, a coordinating bag in a floral print (like a Ted Baker print), and silver dangly earrings. Sporty luxe at it's best with a pretty/polished handbag.

2. A woman seen next to me in an airport coffee line on my outbound
flight for a recent short vacation in Virginia. Maybe 50, tall-ish, slim, with
short blond/white slightly spikey hair and simple glasses, coloring like mine. She was wearing a navy blazer over an untucked blue/white striped shirt, white ankle length jeans with released hems, textured silver fashion sneakers, and a brown simple vintage-coach-like brown bag plus a small black tumi backpack. What struck me was the combination of very classic blazer, shirt, and bag, with the much trendier haircut, jeans and sneakers.

3. A woman on our return flight from VA, standing in the plane aisle next to DH and me waiting for the exit door to be opened. She was heading for the int'l terminal, was with a group of male colleagues, all in dark suits or sports coats and jeans, speaking Spanish, so I think they may have been heading for Madrid or Barcelona. I’m guessing but this gives you a feel for their general appearance. She was around 40, average height and build, with long dark hair and slightly warm/dark skin,
wearing a simple charcoal lightweight swing coat with red stitching at the
buttonholes, a grey/black/red woven scarf with an abstract pattern, mid-wash skinny jeans, simple vneck black top, black patent penny loafer driving moccasins, and a gorgeous black soft leather satchel bag big enough to work as a carry on. Her outfit was very classic with a little arty flair in the scarf and the shape of the bag, and looked perfect for a long flight.

I love air travel, in part because I always see clothing styles different from what I see in my quiet little rural life.

What did I love about these outfits? All three were jeans, jacket, top, flat
shoes, and bag, in simple shapes with mostly solid colors. The shoes and bags were (or looked like) very high quality which of course always makes any outfit. Their haircuts fit their styles. One outfit was sporty luxe, one classic AND sporty luxe, and the third classic with arty. These combinations all spoke to me, LOUDLY. I really enjoyed seeing all three and am going to consider getting “my versions” of all the items that are not already in my closet; in fact I may make this my core shopping list for fall through spring. The finds below are similar to what I saw on these three lovely women.

Comments welcome of course!