I have in quarrel with turtleneck as I have short neck, but for the warmth I have some of them, black and mint which is thick and I used to wear it only in winter. Inspired with this Angie’s post I tried to wear them with cropped jeans, but as have not them I cuffed my straight legs jeans. I have not asymmetrical top and tried to create a diagonal line on the hip with a regular hem pullover by semi-tucking the front-side of it.
1-2 Black turtleneck semi-tucked the front-side, cuffed straight legs blue jeans, black booties, coral necklace, red shoulder bag and black coat Desigual (difficult to see on the picture all).
3-4 Now it is snow at my place and very cold so I wore today mint turtleneck semi-tucked the front side, blue jeans also cuffed (this one is old and little wider), charcoal suede waterproofed snow boots, long necklace and black puffer coat. I don’t know whether these jeans are ok or baggy. Please, your honest opinion for all outfits.