Hi all, my colourblock cardi arrived, and I'd love your input on the fit (esp. given Carla's post about shoulder fit, I'm feeling a bit like this is an area I need to focus on).

What do you think of the fit of this cardi? My first instinct was that I needed to size up, but DH was quite emphatic (rare!) that this fit really well. I was trying it on over a bulkier top, so I wonder if that's why I felt I might need to size up. Looking today over a slimmer t-shirt, I think the fit is pretty good, and can see that sizing up it's going to be too wide in the body? (note, this brand tends to be cut for curves, of which I have none).

I'm also wondering if I'm wearing cardis all wrong and that's why I struggle with them - I feel like I want to wear them as jackets, but should be wearing them as sweaters. I always wear a tank under my regular sweaters, but for some reason feel like a cardigan should be able to go OVER a sweater. Given that I'm looking to add a little variety in silhouette and style, I would like to figure this out.

Otherwise, I quite like this - I think the colour block is nice and although I've avoided gray in recent years, I do think it's my best option for a mid-neutral (cool taupes being too tricky to find regularly), and the way this one is done doesn't look dull and boring to me. It feels nice and is very comfortable.

Anyway, any thoughts on the fit here and/or on cardis in general appreciated. I tried to take from a few different angles as I don't have a good camera set up at the moment. Thank you!

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