A few weeks ago, I was worried that my AG Nikkis were going to blow before I could find a good replacement. I bought them last October and they are at 121 wears. I did put a small patch on a tiny weak area in the thigh as a preventative measure. I almost ordered another set of relaxed skinnies, but I wanted to see if anything else would come my way.

My Current Elliot cropped straight legs arrived after the NAS and they are now at 13 wears, thus taking the heat off the Nikkis, which I probably wear once a week now.

I've enjoyed tracking my wears over the last year. I've realized that I don't need a large closet, and I appreciate having a few heavy hitters that I wear into the ground. Realizing this has allowed me to spend more on fewer items, which I resisted doing for a long time. But I am a creature of habit, and I don't mind repeating things I like.

Have you used CPW to make changes to shopping habits? If so, how?